here we try and cover questions that we often get asked.

  1. Why do you have an online sale site? – Covid19 has meant that we are unable to have fundraising sales like we are used to. Over the course of 2020 we have moved to online sales so that people can still get the goods they want, and we can still raised funds. We initially started with excel sheets and pdf’s but this involved a lot of manual work in the back end in order to keep track of orders and stock levels. A lot of people also had problems filling in excels or sending back the documents. This site will do all the tracking and acknowledgements for us and so we hope to be more efficient and make it a better customer experience too
  2. How can I place an order? The site is split into different categories and sub-categories to help you find the products you like. Click through to the product and choose the quantity you want by clicking in the box showing 0 and using the arrows to increase or decrease the quantity, ( note, the quantity can also be edited at a later point in the process). Add to cart and just carry on shopping in the site until you have all items, then proceed to the cart, where you can edit quantities, and then to checkout.
  3. What do I need to enter at checkout? On this page we need your name, address and email address. You can choose your payment method and shipping method. The page will indicate if any data is needed. Once you have completed everything and submitted the order you will receive an acknowledgement on the webpage as well as by email.
  4. Why do I get an error message about the postcode? Please only enter your 4 digit PLZ at this point, no words.
  5. What are the payment methods? We have 2 methods, for simplicity. You can choose to make a direct bank transfer to our postfinance account, or pay by cash on pickup. If you choose the direct transfer method, you will see the bank account details on the screen but it will also be on your acknowledgement, so no stress. The order will be automatically placed on hold until we receive the payment, and then it will be moved to processing.
  6. What are the delivery or shipping methods? We have set up delivery slots on the sale day, and you can choose your slot directly on the checkout page. There are only 2 orders permitted each 10 minute slot, and once the slot is filled, nobody else can select it. Please therefore pick a time that you can be punctual for. For people who are vulnerable or unable to get to Church on the sale day, we have a limited number of delivery slots. You still need to select the date, but we will contact you regarding an exact time. Please make sure you provide a phone number.
  7. I am around on the day helping, what slot do I pick? Please select delivery for the vulnerable and indicate you are a helper.
  8. Is it possible to get my order posted to me? We offer delivery of non-perishable items by post in limited cases. Please send us a message via the contact form if you would like to do this and we will inform you of the next steps.
  9. Why does it say an error with my order when I get to Checkout? Our stock tracking is active on all products, and the stock is booked to the order once checkout is complete. It can therefore be the case that another customer was quicker than you in completing the process and we no longer have enough of something you had in your cart. Please edit the quantity and checkout should work.
  10. I saw an item on the site and now it is no longer there, what happened? Once an item goes out of stock it is no longer visible on the website.
  11. What happens to my data? We do not set cookies, we only sell them. So you will not be followed around the internet by items you have viewed on our site. We might use your email address for marketing purposes related to our sales and events, but we do not sell or provide the personal data to anyone else.
  12. I placed my order, but now i want to change something, what should I do? Please contact us using the contact form if you want something adding or removing from your order, or hit reply on your acknowledgement and we will receive your mail.