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English Mustard


Colman’s mustard 100g
Not suitable for coeliacs

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English Mustard

Heap a fiery helping or our original mustard on your sarnies, all over your bangers or stir into your mash for that classic British taste
This condiment comes in a 100 g jar, so create a flavourful world on your plates – no meal should be boring or bland
Colman’s Original English Mustard from Colman’s of Norwich delivers full-on flavour to your meals
Our iconic Original Mustard is made with Norwich-farmed mustard seeds that are double milled for stronger flavour
The classic Colman’s flavour in the classic mustard jar, perfect to dip into and lash onto your sandwich
Serve British roast beef on warmed plates accompanied by roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and generous smears of Colman’s mustard


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