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Wayne’s Caribbean products

About the Products


Scotch Bonnet Pepper is a Jamaican favourite. It is a versatile condiment that enhances any dish with the unique flavour of Scotch Bonnet Peppers. I am so happy to find these peppers in Switzerland and here are my favourite ways to enjoy it: Scotch Bonnet Pepper

  1. Pepper Jelly and Cream Cheese or Cheese Canapés

Top your cream cheese with hot pepper jelly and serve with toast or crackers.  Or serve the pepper jelly with brie or camembert or goat’s cheese.   Spicy Red Pepper Jelly | Hy-Vee

  1. Hot Pepper Jelly Sandwich Spread

Add a slather of hot pepper jelly to your grilled cheese or panini. Spoon over a chicken or turkey cheese melt, the possibilities are many.

Use Hot Pepper Jelly as a Glaze 

Pepper Jelly makes an excellent glaze for pork tenderloin, grilled pork chops and ham. Glaze pork chops while grilling, baste a ham with hot pepper jelly while cooking or serve warm as a sauce on the side.
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Chayote or Cho cho is a popular Jamaican vegetable with mild flavour and high nutritional value. Many may not be familiar with this vegetable, so I created a slaw that is fresh and tasty. Eat the slaw with burger, grilled, fried, or roasted meats. 


Add an interesting twist to ham, gammon, or any fish and chicken dishes with my Soy Ginger Glaze. Use it as a marinade, braising liquid, or as a glaze. Ginger : Know uses, facts, cultivation techniques, harvesting & preparation  of Dry Ginger - AgriTechNepal