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Maggie’s Date and Ginger Flapjacks

Flapjacks are typically British biscuit type cakes that are based on oats, butter and golden syrup. Golden Syrup is one of our best sellers, so here is a super recipe to try it out on:


60g Dates, chopped 60g brown sugar

1 tsp Ground Ginger 60g golden syrup

90g margarine or soft butter 180g rolled oats ( gluten free if desired)


Gently heat the margarine, sugar, golden syrup, and ground ginger in a saucepan until runny. Mix with the dates and rolled oats, then spread in a well greased swiss roll or other flat baking tin. Bake in a moderate over for about 25 minutes. Mark into slices whilst still warm and leave to cool in the tin.

Enjoy with a good cup of tea fresh from the pot.

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  1. Delicious recipe I confirm 🙂

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