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All about Jelly

I remember when my kids were young and I would throw them a birthday party here in Switzerland, all the Swiss children would look with suspicion at the bright red Jelly. When I was a kid this was a staple at every birthday party, but clearly it is not a thing in Switzerland.

So let’s make it a thing.

Jelly is basically gelatine and fruit juices, so it is not vegetarian, but it is gluten free. You break the cubes up, put them in a jug and add boiling water to dissolve. Then pop the liquid into moulds, and leave to set. Whilst liquid you can add fresh fruit to set within the jelly. It is also rumoured to be good for nails if you just eat the cubes raw, but no idea if that is true or not.

It is great for Children’s parties with vanilla ice cream and lots of sprinkles on top. You can pop it into individual cups to set, or into a large bowl for them all to take some from.

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Adults don’t need to miss out on the fun, because a good jelly is the base of the great British trifle. Here is a trifle recipe to try out:

You need a sponge base, which can be a simple one that you make, or those biscuit sponges you buy in the shops. Break it up and soak it in sherry ( orange juice if kids are going to eat it). Leave on one side while you mix up that jelly which you should allow to cool slightly. Chop up some fruit and lay it over your sherry soaked sponge. Slowly and gently pour over one-third of the liquid jelly and put into the fridge – doing this will set the sponge and fruit into the bottom of the bowl. Once this layer is set, pour over the remaining jelly and leave to set

Next is the custard, which you can make up from the powder that we also sell, or take a ready made custard out of the tetra pack. Make sure this is also cooled and tip on top of the set jelly. Then whip up some cream and pile it on top of the custard and you have a delicious layered trifle. The trifle should look like this and then all it needed is decorating as you wish, with fresh fruit, maybe almonds or chocolate, that is up to you. It is perfect for a special occasion, or just because.

If you would like some more recipes for what to do with your jelly cubes visit this site:

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